Counter Strike - Source Cheat code

Game cheats - Counter Strike - Source

During gameplay, press ~ to display the text prompt and
type in sv_cheats 1. Press ~ and enter one of the following cheat.

Result Code
Spawn indicated item - give [name]
Ammunition for weapons - impuse 101
Toggle bot AI - bot_stop [0 or 1]
Allow bot to join game for indicated team - bot_add_ct or bot_add_t
Kill all bots - bot_kill
Toggle bot using pistols only - bot_pistols_only [0 or 1]
Toggle bot using snipers only - bot_snipers_only [0 or 1]
Bot automatically follows you if you do not
give them orders - bot_auto_follow
Bots will not do mission objectives and will
expect humans to do it - bot_defer_to_human 1
Kick all bots from game and leaves humans to play - bot_kick
Bots use only knives - bot_knives_only
Bots have a prefix in their name - bot_prefix [prefix]
See where bot is going - bot_show_nav
Weapon hits nearest enemy - sv_clienttrace 99999999999


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