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Make Desktop wallpaper screensaver unchangeable

Make Your Desktop Wallpaper , ScreenSaver to be unchanged by anyone.

This trick is for Windows 7, it will work with windows vista and previous versions as well.

Step1: Open Run Window..

To open Run Window press( WindowsKey+R) or Click StartMenu and type Run to get it

Step2: Enter gpedit.msc in Run Window and press enter.

Step3: Now the Local Group Policy Editor Window will be opened ( look the picture below )

Step4: In the Left Pane of Local Group Policy Editor window Click User Configuration--> Templates ( look the picture below )

Step5: In the Right Pane of Local Group Policy Editor window Double Click Control Panel ( look the picture below )

Step6: Now In the Right Pane of Local Group Policy Editor window Open Personalization--> Changing desktop background ( look the picture below )

Step8: Now you will get a Prevent changing desktop background window, click Enabled Option and press Ok. ( look the picture below )

Step9: Now you can’t change your Desktop background Image. ( look the picture below )

Step10: To Once again Make the Desktop background to changeable Make the Option as Not Configured in Prevent changing desktop background window.

Step 11: Do the Same for Screen saver, Desktop icons, mouse pointers etc..

Two Secret Shortcuts for Windows 7

Two Secret Shortcuts for Windows 7 - Computer cool Tricks

ShortCut-1 : press WindowsKey + x

you will get Windows mobility center, where u can control things like

  • wifi adapter on/off
  • display brightness
  • volume control
  • projector or external display
  • battery charging and power options
  • synchronization
  • etc...

Shortcut-2: click and shake at top of any window faster.

This makes minimize all other opened windows, except the one u shaked.. a cool trick to your windows computer while working with multiple applications..

To test it do the following.

step1: Open up multiple windows of any choice ( like notepad, paint , browser ...).

step2: click on top of any of the window and shake it twice ( just hold your mouse button and move left to right and right to left twice fastly).

step3: u will notice that, all other windows getting minimized.

step4: also if u do that again, u can restore all the windows back.

Store your Gmail mails in Computer without using any Email Client

Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline is a Feature where you can Store your Mails, Chats, Attachments, labels in your personal Computer without having to use any Email clients like outlook.

Gmail Offline Let you to Synchronize all your Gmail contents to your PC when your connected to internet and makes u to work with your mails while not connected.

Enabling Gmail Offline Feature

1. Log into your Gmail
2. go to Settings->Offline
3. click "Enable offline mail for this Computer" and click "Save changes" button
4. Follow the instructions and Accept to install Google Gears which is less than 1 MB.
5. After this Few minutes Process, u'r Google mail gets synchronized to your PC
6. and you can access all your gmail contets offline by clicking the "Gmail Offline" icon on your Desktop

Advantage of Gmail Offline

1. Very Simple Feature and easy to use
2. No Additional Software to be Installed like outlook express etc..
3. And More Importantly its the Google's Product you can be sure of security of your personal file's

Disadvantage of Gmail Offline
1. You cannot specify selected mails to get saved in your Pc, instead all your mails within specified years are get stored.

Creating nameless Icons ,Folders.

If you would like your desktop Icons to have no text underneath then try this tweak:

1. Right click the icon and select "Rename"

2. Now hold the "Alt" key and type "255" and hit Enter

NOTE : It may only work with the keypad numbers and not the number keys on top of the keyboard.

Accessing Your Folders From Your Taskbar

Accessing Your Folders From Your Taskbar

This is an easy way to get to the folders on your system without having to open a Windows Explorer Window every time you want to access files. I find it very useful to have this feature as it allows me to access my Folders and Drives immediately and saves me a lot of time.

This works in Windows XP:

1. Right Click an empty spot on your Taskbar (Between your Start Button and your System Tray).

2. Click Toolbars.

3. Click New Toolbar.

4. A Small Window will Open that allows you to pick the folder you wish to make a Toolbar. If you want to access your Desktop Without having to minimize all your windows. Just Pick Desktop. If you want to access ONLY your My Documents Folder, Select that. Any folder will work for this.

5. Click OK.

The New Tool bar will appear at the bottom of your screen next to your System Tray.

If you find this to be not useful, Repeat Steps 1 and 2 and then check click the Toolbar you created that has a check mark next to it. And it will disappear.

How to Rename File Extensions

Windows Tricks - How to Rename File Extensions

A lot of people here may ask how to rename a file extension in windows; well it’s very simple and takes little of your time. There are two ways to rename a file extension ‘without’ a stupid program.

Number 1

1. Go into your Control Panel [Start -> Control Panel].
2. Now Open “Folder Options” and click the view tab and make sure ‘Hide file extensions for know files’ is not selected, then press Ok.
3. Now go into a folder and notice you can see your files extensions, rename them to whatever you'd like, for instance:

page.txt to page.html

Number 2, MS-DOS:

The difference between renaming files in DOS is that you can rename multiple files rather then one at a time, therefore making time gracious. Here I’ll provide you a few examples.

1. Open the Dos prompt (Start -> Run - >type - cmd)
2. Ok now find out which directory has your files and type:

cd C:\Files\

type: dir and you will be provided with what files are in your folder.

type: ren *.bmp *.rar (here .bmp extension will be renamed to .rar extension)

C:\Files>ren *.bmp *.rar

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