How to Rename File Extensions

Windows Tricks - How to Rename File Extensions

A lot of people here may ask how to rename a file extension in windows; well it’s very simple and takes little of your time. There are two ways to rename a file extension ‘without’ a stupid program.

Number 1

1. Go into your Control Panel [Start -> Control Panel].
2. Now Open “Folder Options” and click the view tab and make sure ‘Hide file extensions for know files’ is not selected, then press Ok.
3. Now go into a folder and notice you can see your files extensions, rename them to whatever you'd like, for instance:

page.txt to page.html

Number 2, MS-DOS:

The difference between renaming files in DOS is that you can rename multiple files rather then one at a time, therefore making time gracious. Here I’ll provide you a few examples.

1. Open the Dos prompt (Start -> Run - >type - cmd)
2. Ok now find out which directory has your files and type:

cd C:\Files\

type: dir and you will be provided with what files are in your folder.

type: ren *.bmp *.rar (here .bmp extension will be renamed to .rar extension)

C:\Files>ren *.bmp *.rar

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