Best Mobile Simulator

Mobile Simulator for opening Java games .jar in computer also can browse mobile wap sites in computer.

Sjboy 2 is a Mobile Simulator software that can be downloaded by searching "sjboy 2" in google.

opening jar applications
This software can open java .jar mobile applications, if we want to upload any java game to our java enabled mobile, then we can first test it with the help of sjboy in system and can upload it in mobile.

Browsing mobile sites
To browse mobile wap sites in System this is the best software, you can download opera mini browser from net for free ( downloaded file should be in .jar format ) and open opera mini browser in this software, which will enable you to browse through different mobile sites and normal web sites can also be opened with this.

Different skins
This software provides many different mobile skins like nokia, sony ericsson, motorola , also u can create your own custom skin based on your require ment.

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