Two Secret Shortcuts for Windows 7

Two Secret Shortcuts for Windows 7 - Computer cool Tricks

ShortCut-1 : press WindowsKey + x

you will get Windows mobility center, where u can control things like

  • wifi adapter on/off
  • display brightness
  • volume control
  • projector or external display
  • battery charging and power options
  • synchronization
  • etc...

Shortcut-2: click and shake at top of any window faster.

This makes minimize all other opened windows, except the one u shaked.. a cool trick to your windows computer while working with multiple applications..

To test it do the following.

step1: Open up multiple windows of any choice ( like notepad, paint , browser ...).

step2: click on top of any of the window and shake it twice ( just hold your mouse button and move left to right and right to left twice fastly).

step3: u will notice that, all other windows getting minimized.

step4: also if u do that again, u can restore all the windows back.

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